A downloadable homebrew

Ninja rabbits on your Vita!

This is a beta release, meaning there are some bugs and crashes, but it's still entirely playable.

This is a port of the LugaruOSS to the PS Vita. It runs at 60 FPS at stock speeds, and some scenes even run at 60 with an underclock!

Currently requires libshacccg.suprx to be installed. Instructions for doing that are here

All assets are included in the VPK, so just install it and you're good to go.

Source code is at https://gitlab.com/alexramallo/lugaruvita


Lugaru VPK

Development log


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Can someone help when i try to start the game it says 

An error has occurred in the following application


Saved Core File Succeeded 



please help

Did you follow the instructions at https://samilops2.gitbook.io/vita-troubleshooting-guide/shader-compiler/extract-... ?

Is it possoblte to make this claimable?

What do you mean by claimable?